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Cinema Secrets – Deluxe Powder Puff (2 Pack)



Try the taco method! First, sprinkle a good amount of product onto the puff. Next, fold the puff together like a taco and rub the sides back and forth to allow the product to sink into the puff. Repeat this process by folding the powder puff in the opposite direction to allow the product to disperse evenly. Wrap the puff around your index and middle finger with the powdered side facing up. Lastly, use rolling motions to press the powder into the skin, setting your foundation and concealer.

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Product Description

Put down that brush! It’s still a secret to most that setting makeup should be done with a powder puff. The powder puff will press the powder into the makeup, setting it for longer periods of time and with less touch ups. Cinema Secrets Powder Puffs are designed with memory foam for maximum softness, shape retention, and durability. The hand stitched velour puffs allow individuals to wash and reuse the puff for a month or more depending on use.

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